About Us

Our History

Founded in 1997, Family Resources of New Orleans started the Family Resource Center in Historical Treme’ that same year.   The Family Resource Center was established shortly after the welfare to work legislation which mandated that poor families enter the “world of work”, for the fist time.  The center served as a safety net, providing families with soft skills training they needed to gain employment.  Counseling and Case Management helped families to make the transition from “hopeless to hopeful”. 

Our Mission

At Family Resources of New Orleans, our mission is to enable and empower families to become self-sufficient.  We accomplish this mission by providing resources that promote affordable housing, rebuilding sustainable communities and fostering economic well-being.  Our goal is to help low-wealth families build wealth through homeownership, employment & self-employment.

 The guiding principle of the agency is to reduce the rate of poverty in urban and rural Communities.  Growth and expansion of our services began in 2005, shortly after Hurricane Katrina.  A separate office opened in St. Charles Parish serving the river parishes of St. Bernard, St. Charles, St John the Baptist and Plaquemines parishes.

Our Counseling Services


Credit Rehabilitation

This includes discussing the benefits of homeownership and introducing some of the barriers as well as an overview of the steps in the home buying process. In this one-on-one session the counselor will analyze and interpret your credit report; make an assessment of your current status; and develop and implement a customized corrective action plan.
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Post-Purchase Counseling

Default / Forclosure Prevention

The objective is to show new homeowners how to maintain their homes, protect their investment, and manage the new expenses and responsibilities of homeownership. This include foreclosure counseling on how to restructure debt, obtain recertification for mortgage subsidy, establish reinstatement plans, seek loan forbearance, and manage household finances.

Rental Counseling

Financial Fitness

This refers to one-on-one counseling and group education sessions regarding: obtaining and utilizing rent subsidies, budgeting for rent payments, education on landlord/tenant rights, the eviction process, and homeless prevention. Helps the homebuyer to understand the importance of budgeting, identifying family income and expenses, set goals and priorities, and establish budgets.

A training course to cover basic financial topics to help families to understand the importance of budgeting, identifying family income and expenses, setting goals and priorities, and establishing budgets.
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Homebuyer Education

Match savings accounts designed to assist working low-income families acquire an asset.  Participants will receive a 4:1 match on their savings.
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This is a housing related education program in which participants complete eight to twelve course hours. Educational material is provided. Licensed instructors explain each process and answer your questions. Upon completion of the two-part session, certificates are awarded.

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Ehome America

The Ehome class is (8) hours and is only for Rural Parish Homebuyers. Do Not Register for this class for this class for City of N.O. Down Payment Assistance Program!!

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